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Is Solar Water Heating Right for My Home?

Family & Household Size

Whether your household consists of a couple or you’ve got a large family, has the ideal solar water heating system to suit your specific needs.

Households with 2 to 3 people:

Did you know that a solar water heater can provide about 90 percent of the hot water needed for a two-person household? If your home has 2 to 3 residents, our experts can show you the advantages of our smaller 50 to 60 gallon solar water heating systems.

Households with more than three people:

Did you know that a solar water heater can provide 80 percent of hot water for your family of four? If you’ve got more than three people living at your residence, our specialists will be happy to show you systems with 80 to 120 gallon tanks, perfect for the demands of your busy household.

Conditions & Considerations

“What if it’s a cloudy day outside?”

You’ll still get a hot, luxurious morning shower! Our top-quality solar heating systems are designed to use any sunlight available to meet hot water demand before defaulting to electricity.

The key to optimal performance is direct sunlight for the solar collectors. That means ensuring that surrounding structures (including trees) are out of the way, so your roof can receive direct sunlight during the day (between 9am and 3pm).


Solar hot water heating systems aren’t just great for the environment – they’re great for your budget, too! Click here to learn about the long-term savings a solar water heater can provide.

And in addition to those substantial savings possibilities, you could qualify for a 30% tax credit! Talk to the specialists at to learn more about solar water heater tax credits, rebates and other incentives! 

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