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How much money will I save with my Solar Water Heating System from

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we are asked by prospective customers, and it’s no surprise! After all, solar water heating systems are an investment. As is the case with nearly any worthwhile investment, it’s generally expected to spend a little more up front on your solar water heating system than you would spend on a traditional system.

Here’s the difference: Your solar water heating system will save you money over the long term…and those savings add up! You can expect to shave 50 to 80 percent off your water heating costs (depending on water usage, location, backup resources, etc). And don’t forget about the added savings associated with leveraging solar energy over conventional, non-renewable fuel sources. You’ll avoid sudden, drastic price increases that can drain your wallet.

Take a look at these numbers.1

  • Cost of adding a new solar water heater to a typical 30 year mortgage = $13 to$ 20 monthly.
  • Subtract $3 to $5 monthly from your mortgage’s interest (federal income tax deduction, thanks to your solar water heater!).
  • If you save more than $15 per month in fuel costs, your investment is instantly profitable. You’ll be pocketing more than you’d be paying!

With savings like that, it’s little wonder why so many people are turning to for a cost-effective solution to solar water heating systems!

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